Authentic Supplication Number 247.

The Prophet  chnaged ugly names to nice names, Zaynab used to be called: Barrah [which means pious] so he said: She is complementing herself, so he called her Zaynab, and he used to hate that it be said: He just left Barrah's company. And he said to a man: What is your name? he said Hazanun [which means sad], he said: Rather you are Sahl [which means easy], and he changed the name Aasiyata [which means disobedient women], naming her: Jameelah [which means beautiful]. And he said to a man: What is your name? He said: 'Asram [which means a poor man havinf numerous family]. He said: Rather you are Zur`atah [which means a seed]. And he named a land that used to be called: `Afratah [which means dust colored]: Khadhratun [which means green].

Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #174. he said that the first two pieces of information ending with "He just left Barrah's company" were reported by Saheeh Muslim. The second part ending with "Rather you are Zur'atah" was in Sunan 'Abi Dawood with good ascrpition he said. The third part ending with "Rather you are Zur'atah was mentioned by Abu Dawood in "hanging", without ascription. A hadeeth is said to be "hanging" if the beginning of its ascription is missing. The story about the land was reported (connected, not hanging) by At-Tahawi in and by Ar-Tabarani, in with sound ascription. Al-Albani included this in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #174.

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