Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

  • It includes the Arabic text, with nearly complete placement of diacritic marks, for the convenience of those brothers and sisters who do not like to read transliteration; and the organization of the book is such that the English hadeeth, the Arabic supplication, in both English and Arabic letters, and the English meaning of that supplication are all easily referenced on the same, or immediately following page.
  • This book is was initially based on Ibn Taymiya's The Good Sayings. From Ibn Taymiyas book, however, it only includes those ahadeeth that Al-Albani included in the 8th edition of his The Authentic of The Good Sayings. It was furthermore supplemented with authentic supplications from Shaikh 'Al-`Adawee's book: As-Saheeh 'Al-Musnadu min 'Athkari Al-Yawmi wal-Laylati which is perhaps one of the best books of supplication. It includes the full chain of narration for each hadeeth, extended referencing, and it only includes authentic supplications.
  • Two of the supplications, #113, and #168, in The Authentic of The Good Sayings have been left out of this book. Number 113 was substituted with a more reliable wording which is #162 in this book. Number 168 was about making the call to prayer in the right ear of a newly born. Upon further examination 'Al-'Albani has found that it is weak, and that it is not permitted to act upon it. This I heard him say in an audio tape, where he mentions that when he was finally able to get hold of Al-Bayhaqi's Shu'ab 'Al-'lman -it was previously in manuscript form only- he found that there were two people accused of Iying in the chain of narration. Previously he thought Al-Bayhaqi's report was only weak, and not very weak because it was referenced as such on page 16 of Tuhfat Al-Wadood by'Ibn 'Al-Qayyim. A very weak hadeeth cannot be used as testimonial for a weak hadeeth, and therefore, the ruling on this hadeeth is that it is not authentic.

    The section on the reporters of each hadeeth is based on the source of the respective hadeeth. When no reference is made as to the source of a reference, that means that it is from the body of Ibn Taymiya's The Good Sayings. Any reference to 'Al-'Albani, unless otherwise mentioned, is obtained from his commentary upon Ibn Taymiya's book. All references to 'Al -'Adawee are from his As-Saheeh Al-Musnad min 'Athkari Al-Yawmi wal-Laylati.