Brief Biography of Imam Bukhari.

Ismail the father of Bukhari had died in Bukhari's childhood, leaving him in the care of his mother where he was nourished with love and care. At the age of sixteen after having memorized the compiled books of Imam Waki and Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, he performed Hajj with his elder brother and mother. After the completion of Hajj Bukhari remained in Makkah for a further two years and upon reaching the age of eighteen headed for Medinah, and spent his nights next to the grave of the Prophet (SAW) compiling the books of Qadhaayas-Sahaabah Wat-Taabieen and Taareekhul-Kabeer with the moonlight as a means of lighting. Bukhari traveled a great deal in order to expand his knowledge. He made two trips to Syria and Egypt and stayed six years in Arabia. He also happened to return to Kufa, Baghdad and Basra four times and at times remained there for a period of five years. Also at Hajj season he used to return to Makkah.

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