Sahih Bukhari - Teachings

Bukhari also had a vast amount of students. It has been stated that thousands were privileged to sit in his lessons where he taught his book Shahi Bukhari. There were travelers amongst these from all corners of the world in order to join these pious sittings and to be honoured with a glimpse of the knowledge that he held and which never failed to astonish anybody.

Bukhari's memory was considered to be inhuman, for as soon as the praying of a hadith would finish Bukhari would repeat it orally. It has been known that in his childhood he had memorized many ahadiths.

There is one spectacular incident which took place in Baghdad when Bukhari took up temporary residence there. The people having heard of his many accomplishments, and the attributes which were issued to him, decided to test him so as to make him prove himself to them. In order to do that they chose one hundred different ahaadeeth and changing the testimonials and the text of the ahaadeeth they were then recited by ten people to Bukhari.

There was a crowd of gathered people from within and outside the city to witness the outcome of such a test. When the ahaadeeth were recited Bukhari replied to all in one manner, "Not to my knowledge." However, after the completion of all the ahaadeeth Imam Bukhari (R.A) repeated each text and testimonial which had been changed followed by the correct text and testimonial, such was the memory of Bukhari.

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