Hadith Collection was launched in January 2009 to produce a highly verified Hadith text to be used in Hadith websites and applications. Our goal is to spread the message of the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) to all mankind (Muslims and non-Muslims) throughout this world free of cost. By collecting all books of Hadith in one place, we are trying to make the Hadith search easy.  This one source of Hadith Collection project is to produce a standard Hadith text and serve as a reliable source on the web.

HadithCollection.com was started by a group of Muslims living in different parts of the world.  We hope and pray to Allah that this web portal will serve as a source of guidance and light for all human beings throughout the face of this earth, regardless of race, color, age, nationality, and religion (Aameen).

We are very conscientious about the material on our website; therefore, we have a strict policy of making sure that all the material comes from a reliable source and has been proof-read by a Muslim scholar (A'alim). We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the content on this website is free from errors. In the event that you still find mistakes in any translations, then we humbly ask you to immediately report these inaccuracies so that they can be rectified as quickly as possible, In-Sha-Allah.

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