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Please keep in mind that we are not Scholars (Alim's) and cannot give you conclusions on any of Hadith's. Our aim is to provide you the complete collection of Ahadiths with the ability to search with any keywords. We can certainly help you to locate any relevant Hadith, however highly recommend you to get in touch with Islamic Scholar (Alim-e-Deen) who holds great knowledge of the subject and can help clarify any questions/concerns you may come across while you read and learn from the Hadith's.

Please DO NOT draw conclusions from any ahadith's you read on your own unless you possess high degree of knowledge. There are many Hadith's which are properly defined and understood with the combination of Qura'an and other Hadith's hence will not give you the right meaning unless you read all the connected Hadith's and Qura'anic Verses.

Let us not come to any conclusion on any Hadith's unless we read them properly as most of them are unclear unless read with the combination of Qura'an and the complete chain i.e. other Hadith's. We're blessed to have the knowledgeable and blessed Islamic scholars alive around us and hence we can always consult them for any questions and or concerns.

Outlined below are some Hadith's which may add some light here:

Sahih Bukhari Volume 001, Book 003, Hadith Number 100.

Sahih Muslim Book 034, Hadith Number 6462.

Sahih Muslim Book 034, Hadith Number 6465.

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